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  • Geodog notes the inverse relationship between blogging and work

    Quoting from Geodog: Work is the curse of the blogging class: I suspect that historians looking back at the rise of blogging will see the tech depression of 2001-2004 as a critical factor in getting blogging started. The stage was set by the 1996-2001 internet boom where content had been hailed as king, and by…

  • Macromedia blogger survey

    It looks like Macromedia is exploring or considering the idea of providing some sort of blogging products or services or features. If you want to help them gauge the needs of bloggers, take their Blog Authoring Survey. (via deeje cooley)

  • Get paid in iTunes to create blog buzz

    My sysadmin just pointed me to this listing at craigslist in New York: Bloggers needed – $300 per month. They pay with PayPal too. Sounds like a blend of the Marquis experiment and the Bzz Agent concept. Wonder who the payer is?

  • There must be five ways to quit your day job

    Five tips on How to make money from your blog: Sell advertising Help sell others’ products Solicit contributions Market your services Deepen your existing customer relationships I’s mostly a Tip 4 kind of guy with a bit of Tip 5 mixed in. Unless you count the incredibly lucrative Google ads, that is. Croesus ain’t in…

  • Clickable Culture reads the fine print

    Tony Walsh at Clickable Culture looks closely at the terms of service for the bloggers being paid to blog about / endorse Marqui’s product ( – Deconstructing Marqui’s Adverblogging Antics) and doesn’t like what he sees: Today I discovered that the situation is actually worse than I originally thought.

  • Does blogging need an ethics committee?

    Quoting from Blog Ethics Committee, Blog Publishers Association, and the evil Word of Mouth Marketing folks – The Jason Calacanis Weblog – :  Nick Denton put up a pleasantly surprising post today, complimenting me for being a “volunteer watchdog” for blog ethics. He proposes Jeff Jarvis and I start a blog ethics committee…