Geodog notes the inverse relationship between blogging and work

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Quoting from Geodog: Work is the curse of the blogging class:

I suspect that historians looking back at the rise of blogging will see the tech depression of 2001-2004 as a critical factor in getting blogging started. The stage was set by the 1996-2001 internet boom where content had been hailed as king, and by Gore v. Bush and 9/11, which reminded people that politics really did matter….

In his comments, Anil argues that “some of us” are blogging more than ever, but is Anil updating his personal blog much? Blogging a lot a Six Apart is a different sort of thing entirely, and actually fits Tim’s thesis (that commerce is changing what’s being blogged about).
For more on the rise of corporate blogging or the end of the heyday of unemployed (er, “consultant”) blogging, see the Blog Business Summit.

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Does blogging need an ethics committee?

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Quoting from Blog Ethics Committee, Blog Publishers Association, and the evil Word of Mouth Marketing folks – The Jason Calacanis Weblog –


Nick Denton put up a pleasantly surprising post today, complimenting me for being a “volunteer watchdog” for blog ethics. He proposes Jeff Jarvis and I start a blog ethics committee in order to create some standards in blog advertising. It’s a great idea, a lot of work, and very important to the blogosphere.
If you’re blogging— for money or not—we all have an interest in having a level of comfort when we’re consuming and creating media. Who doesn’t want to know if a blogger is getting paid to write about something? Who doesn’t want to see advertisements clearly labeled and outside of the content space? I can’t think of one reader of blogs who wants to be deceived….