YAP Concept Model

Working with Micah Laaker on the Yahoo Application Platform UED/product team, I found that the different groups collaborating on YAP didn’t always necessarily agree on terms, concepts, and mental models. To address this, I got the design team together and brainstormed an initial draft of a concept model on white boards, transcribed this to omnigraffle, printed at poster scale on a plotter, and hung the poster in a prominent hallway.

I also attached a marker to the poster, defaced it slightly, and invited people to correct it. We ultimately went through three or four iterations, building a consensus on what YAP was at the moment, what it needed to be, and where the gaps were between reality and aspiration.

Feb 2010
Information architecture, product management, clarifier, catalyst.
YAP UED team, YAP engineers, YDN marketers