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  • Understand, rubberband?

    After we moved uptown we lived close enough to the park that we could go there on our own (with permission) on weekends and during school breaks to visit the zoo or the pond where people floated their mechanical boats, but most of the time we went to the playgrounds.

  • To boldly write

    I first met Jurgen Fauth in rec.music.gdead on Usenet and found in him a fellow literary adventurer, who eventually contributed to Enterzone, and with whom I’ve kept in touch over the years. We may even have attended a Phish concert together at some point. More recently, Jurgen has been building an amazing story sharing site…

  • The book has arrived!

    the book has arrived! Originally uploaded by erin_designr We started our book proposal around June of ’08…

  • The new phone book is (almost) here!

    The writing is over (for this edition), the book has “shipped to the printer,” and the cover mechanical (shown above, in its technicolor glory) is in the can. My tech writing career is now complete: an animal book with O’Reilly!

  • Bulletin article Boingboinged

    Cory Doctorow picked up on a brief mention from Bruce Sterling in his wired blog pointing to my recent bulletin article. Cory adds Stupid pitfalls of social media: This American Society for Information Science and Technology paper by Yahoo’s Christian Crumlish has a tidy little cosmology of dumb things that social media does. Commenters seem…

  • Designing Social Interfaces, Rough Cut edition now available from O'Reilly Media

    Designing Social Interfaces – Rough Cut | O’Reilly Media Originally uploaded by xian The unedited, 500 page first draft of our book is available now in PDF format for review by anyone who can’t bear to wait till September for the first (“real”) edition to come out. Yay!