Bulletin article Boingboinged

Cory Doctorow picked up on a brief mention from Bruce Sterling in his wired blog pointing to my recent bulletin article. Cory adds

Stupid pitfalls of social media: This American Society for Information Science and Technology paper by Yahoo’s Christian Crumlish has a tidy little cosmology of dumb things that social media does.

Commenters seem inclined to discuss the html rendering of the Bulletin article at the ASIS&T website but a few chimed in to either agree with the observations or suggest that they’re perhaps rather obvious in hindsight.

I wanted to add a comment suggesting that we welcome skepticism and critical feedback and that the wiki is open to editing by anyone, but the sign up procedure for the Boingboing blog involves a password email that I don’t seem to be receiving.


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  1. Steve Portigal Avatar

    FWIW, I struggled with the BoingBoing comment registration thing just 2 days ago, and never got it resolved (never got the reminder email , I think), so they are broken.