Shelley to the rescue

· Editorial

Looks like Shelley Powers has addressed the exact trackback-ping-not-rebuilding-the-archive-page and thus not-showing-up-inline-automatically problem I was just noticing: Weblogging for Poets: Adding Trackback entries to individual archive pages
BTW, we’d better get password protection going here soon, or make a conscious decision to leave this site visible to random visitors, because Andrew lists it among his RSS subscriptions and I am profligately pinging Burningbird’s Weblogging for Poets entry with this post.
Speaking of which, thank goodness for our metablogging headlines on the RFB home page. It enables me to quickly scan a few of the leading metabloggers and is often the first place I notice a breaking blog story.

More trackback problems

· Editorial

I saw that “life – listed chronologically” sent a trackback ping to Rayne’s latest post but it doesn’t show up on the archive page. My theory is that the page is not being rebuilt automatically as it is when comments are posted. To check this, I will rebuild the page manually. If the trackback appears, that will confirm my diagnosis of the problem. If not, then I’ll have to keep digging.
If I’m right, does anyone know how to wire things up so that incoming trackback pings automatically rebuild the relevant archive pages? I’m not sure if they currently rebuild the index page, or if that page just gets regenerated so often that they tend to show up there fairly soon.

Tweaking the sidebar here

· Editorial

I figured the link back to RFB proper should be bigger and easier to click on, so I sort of combined two sidebar-title/sidebar elements from before.

Template access

· Editorial

filchyboy, you now have access to the templates at RFB. Anyone else want in?
Please everyone check around before trying out changes. Best to demo them over here first as Liza will be doing.
filchy, i didn’t give you config access. Do you need that?

Making this blog more useful

· Editorial

OK, I added a direct link to the RFB home page to the top of the sidebar, got rid of the relatively useless calendar, and added a list of the last 17 entries to RFB with direct links to their individual archive pages.
I also took the popup code off the home page of this blog…

Getting rid of pop-ups

· Editorial

Does anyone know of a good step-by-step tutorial that walks through converting default MT templates to ones that use no popups for either comments or trackbacks?
I always find it easier to follow a trustworthy checklist than reinvent the wheel, however, this isn’t brain surgery, so check this:

  1. Make sure the comment form on the individual archive template has a name anchor.
  2. Change the comment link on the index (home page) template from the current popup code to one that is like a permalink for the entry but with # and then the anchor name for the comments form.
  3. Here’s the tricky part: Add tags to include trackbacks on the individual archive page, including a named anchor, before the comments probably, or maybe in the right-hand column?
  4. Then change the trackback link in the index template from teh current popup code to one that is like a permalink but with # and the anchor name for the trackbacks area.

But now it occurs to me that the comments link on a blog entry on the home page might be used eithe to read comments (in which case it should show up at the beginning of the comments) or to make a comment (in which case it should show up at the end, where the form is). How do people usually deal with this? Prior art?!