An Info Immune System for the Planet

· Weblog Concepts

I must be obsessed, since now I’m dreaming about weblogs and waking up with new thoughts freshly gelled from my subconscious.
This morning it was an image of weblogs as antibodies or red^H^H^Hwhite blood cells (can you tell I haven’t studied biology all that carefully?), swarming to attack so-called information from every possible angle. Whether it’s just a multiplicity of viewpoints or Ken Layne’s “fact-check[ing] your ass” the idea is the same. The sum of the blogosphere’s parts is a planetwise intelligence system that knows more than any individual possibly could.
The phrase that came to mind was “the truth will out.” I went looking in my trusty Bartlett’s to find the source and could only find “Truth will come to light” (Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, act II, sc. ii, l. 86). Most of the related expressions are specifically about murder but make the same point about truth: see also “Mordre wol out, certeyn, it wol nat faille.” (Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales, The Pardoner’s Tale, l. 558) and “Murder will out.” (Cervantes, Don Quixote, pt. I, bk. III, ch. 8).