Bladam's Blog (and Movable Type Bookmarklets)

I spaced out on making Bladam’s name a link to his blog in my review so I thought I’d call it out here in its own entry. As I said, he sent me message with a lot of insight into Radio vs. Movable Type and I appreciate the contribution and want to credit it fully!
He also asked me where the MT bookmarklet is. There’s a link for setting them up on the application’s main page (mt.cgi). It takes you to a form page for selecting options and creating the bookmarklet:

Movable Type’s bookmarklet structure allows you to customize the layout and fields on your bookmarklet page; for example, you may wish to add the ability to add excerpts through the bookmarklet window. By default, a bookmarklet window will always have: a pulldown menu for the blog to post to; a pulldown menu to select the Status (Draft or Publish) of the new entry; a text entry box for the Title of the entry; and a text entry box for the entry body.