Creatures From The Web Lagoon

Visiting the blogging ecosystem stats page for this blog today I found some interesting in-bound links I hadn’t known about, I gather because no one has clicked on them yet. One of them features an entry linking to an article about weblogging from August 2 in the National Journal that discusses Chris Matthews’ weblog as MSNBC:

Here is a recent entry on Matthews’s blog, a few days before he left his show to recover from malaria: “And next weekend Al Gore will attend the Firestone 200 car race at Nashville Superspeedway. I can’t wait to see that. This guy lost everything below the Mason Dixon Line. He’ll be out there with rednecks trying to identify with beer-drinking good old boys. I wonder what costume he’ll show up in. Will it be the earth tones, the blue suit, or perhaps something more racy? If Al Gore has his way, he’ll not only make it to Mount Rushmore, he’ll be all four faces.”
Clicking on the words “earth tones” and “the blue suit” takes you to photos of the fashion-diverse candidate himself at, and the “racy” link connects to a photo of pop star Britney Spears decked out in a tight leather racing suit leaning dangerously close to hunky NASCAR star driver Jeff Gordon.

Of course this is another one of those articles about blogging by journalists that mostly talks about journalists who are blogging. It also mentions in an aside that the copy in Matthews’s blog is “taken directly from his show script.” This made me wonder: who’s adding the links? Is it really a blog if your assistant transcribes it and adds the HTML? I suppose it is, but this makes me realize the blogging is only going to get more complicated.
At least they got a quote from Rebecca Blood.