Havrilesky on the fate of all fads

Thanks to RevCow, I procrastinated for ten minutes reading an interview with Heather Havrilesky in the L.A. Weekly. She sounds remarkably sensible and I bet her novel will rock. Here is her take on viewing blogging as a trend:

I think the popularity of blogging has grown an incredible amount, so there’ll be articles saying it’s the next big thing, and then there’ll be a backlash and its popularity will shrink and instead of saying, “Oh, you have a blog? That’s cool,” people will say, “Oh my god, you’ve got a blog? That’s so 2001 of you.” Everything gets blown out of proportion and then summed up as a stupid trend in the end. Popularity should never be taken too seriously — the good writing and good art that come out of any given movement is all that anyone focuses on over the long haul.

Heather is harder on herself on her rabbit blog:

But, man, do I come across as a humorless fuck, or what? So self-serious and sullen.