Collaborative Internet marketing blog

Elizabeth Spiers writes

For Marketing Junkies: Rick, Robert, Olivier, John, and Steve just started a collaborative Internet marketing blog.

I’m not sure what that is, but I’m keen to find out.







4 responses to “Collaborative Internet marketing blog”

  1. Frieda Zonnenfeld Avatar

    Most people fail not because they cant succeed using the tools (books) that they aquire but simply because they never take the time to do it.

  2. reform blog Avatar

    the reason people buy the ebooks is because they do not want to waste their time sifting through crap.
    they buy it just because who recomended it as much as what the prospective contents are

  3. Jason Avatar

    Keep in mind that many people don’t mind purchasing info that they could find elsewhere for free as long as it *saves them time*.

  4. xian Avatar

    this is spam, you scoundrel! but almost on-topic, almost. but not.
    so i took out your url, and will ban your ip if you keep it up, you page-rank pilferer!
    but why don’t you just buy an ad from good on whatever search term you used to find this page? the ad will then probably show up on this just like you wanted. plus, i’ll get paid too boyeee.