'Twas ever thus

Cracking down on a thing just makes it more desirable. How many readers would have have slogged through Ulysses if it hadn’t have been banned as obscene? It looks like BEACHtechie is getting his day in the sun, following the school suspension re-reported here earlier. (“Yesterday I had more unique visitors to my blog than any other day, ever. Thanks to everyone.”)
A few things from his blog struck me. The first is funny:

They don’t know what the hell a blog is, they kept on calling it a “b-log” …

The second is serious:

You know I write my heart and soul into this thing. I guarantee you this has helped me in english class … maybe not directly, but I have gained so much knowledge from reading and writing. It’s made me more emotional, more open, more knowledgeable.

The last disturbs me:

I had to write this affidavit telling them everything I knew about my blog, how long I had been posting from school, who else from my school had a blog and everything.

(Emphasis added.) Maybe it’s been too long since I was in high school, but is that kind of snitchmongering typical?
Anyway, it’s good to know you can study web development and Oracle in high school these days. Before long I’ll be supersizing this guy’s order.