If I Ever Get Tired of Doing This

I could always just sit back and read boingboing, let Cory do all the work. I don’t know Cory, by the way, I just like calling him by his first name so it seems like I know him and so must be cool like him. I haven’t read his new story at Salon yet. Is it really written in 133+?

Anyway, I’d never heard of Warren Ellis but his blog leaves me in awe (not to mention his credits). Talk about career (and talent) envy!

Here’s a taste:

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – CBS is resurrecting “The Beverly Hillbillies” as a reality series. This is the sort of high concept LA likes. “Why don’t we do Beverly Hillbillies for real — like The Osbournes!” They are literally going to find a photogenic bunch of American hicks and stick them in a mansion for a year and film the whole horrible thing.

TV go home.