NY Times: A Nation of Bloggers

For the quickdraw file: With B back from her writing retreat I’m in full domestic mode this morning, grinding coffee beans, squeezing oranges, and making up some oatmeal from steel cut oats. She’s reading the New York Times and calling out interesting copy (“Bush calls for more logging to prevent wildfires,” etc.). She notices in the Circuits section an article about the “Blog Nation.” (Does the Times run a blog article every day now?)
More or less simultaneously, Salon blogger Charly Z sends me an electronic link to the same article, which is mostly about blog search engines and other ways of hunting for blogs and related blogs:

“The number of Weblogs is just so numerous that these grass-roots organizational sites are a necessity — otherwise, you’d never find new blogs among the deluge,” said Matthew Haughey, co-author of the new book We Blog: Publishing Online With Weblogs (John Wiley & Sons).

Nice to see the We Blog folks getting the go-to calls.