Sample CSS Template for Radio

I’ve cleaned up the template I’m using here and made it a little more generic (put a real banner box across the top and top-aligned the blog and masthead boxes. The idea is to provide other Radio users with an all CSS floating design template. By editing the CSS (I did most of it in Dreamweaver), you can choose colors, border (or none), background images (if desired), font styling. There are no FONT tags in this design.
This is only part of the picture, because the entry, day, and other templates are still table and font-formatting based, but I thought I’d offer it up as I work on the modifying a blog template in Dreamweaver tutorial, as something other Radio users can play around with it if interested.
Dreamweaver displays the layout pretty accurately, and I included placeholder text to help visualize formatting changes. This has to be stripped out before actually pasting the source code into the home template box (or however you prefer to update your templates—lately I’ve just been opening them right in Dreamweaver, though I edit them in a new file, partly because Dreamweaver doesn’t offer a design view of .txt files, at least not by default). Dreamweaver doesn’t show the dots or dashes either, if you use them.
This template can easily be modified for Blogger and Movable Type (I plan to do so), but not so easily for LiveJournal (so I probably won’t).
If you do grab the file and play with it, be sure to back up your existing template somewhere so you can revert to it if need be! Also, let me know if you have any problems or if my markup doesn’t validate or violates any other good design principles.