Sullivan/Andersen Revisited

reverse cowgirl has the best summary I’ve seen yet of the weblog discussion in Slate. Some excerpts:

…then Mr Sullivan says he likes to blog because he hates people. and editors. then he says he would like to have sex with Moby… after that, Sullivan says that people are interesting … Andrew confesses he blogs naked. … Sullivan insults Kurt, making fun of how Kurt’s baby,, is now in the crapper. … then,Kurt begins by pretending he can’t smell the insult dumpA.S. just took on Kurt’s head. … then he kisses Andrew’s rear…. after that, Kurt confesses he, too, also wants to have sex with Moby. … Kurt closes by saying that all blogs are dumb and that he doesn’t have time for them anyway.

She catches the flavor and absurdity of the dialogue to a tee.