The Berkeley Bowl

blueberry scones
white wine
red wine
roasted chicken
reggiano pecorino gruyere
dozen eggs
qt half ‘n’ half
qt nonfat milk
pavel’s plain lo-fat yogurtses
nonfat brown cow
toilet paper (9 packs/fat)
sardines w/o oil
3 lbs. of country style pork rib (for mex. dish)
chicken stock so get some necks and feet from the meat counter–or whatever they sell for stock. less than a lb. more like 2 necks and 4 feet–1/4 to 1/3 lb. i would guess
extra virgin olive oil
pie fixings for T-day: large can pumpkin pulp (no other ingredients)
2 cans of evaporated milk (unsweetened)
both kinds of brown sugar–light and dark
golden raisin
italian anisette cookies–the cheap ones in the cellophane packaging–not the box or tin. (round, about 2″ across, crunchy) Stella Doro brand?
food-section rose water
// on the upper shelves of the section that includes teas–near the coffee grinder machine. You might also check around the cake mix and decorating section, there are usually 2 kinds–rose water and orange water. You also might ask a clerk–tell them it’s for baking. //
Shelled, raw pecans
butternut squash–med. size
1 yellow onions
2 red onion
sweet potatoes (not too damaged and not too big)
romaine & redleaf (2 heads)
kale, celery, parsnips or turnips, potatoes, leeks, chard, carrots, sweet peppers, fennel bulb
carrots–get the ones with tops and get 2 bunches
broccoli raab OR turnip greens
OR rapini (not mustard)
cucumber (english or regular)
apples–see if they have new stuff coming in–not in the freezer bins but in the aisles; look for gravenstein, gala, rome beauty
get half a doz apples if they look (smell) good–are firm, no blemishes, no soft spots
4 grapefruits 10 valencias etc.






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