A hummer used to be a good thing

· Storytelling

Back from the Edge tells a little story about being trapped behind a Hummer in traffic.
Yesterday I was reading about Steve Wozniak’s new venture* with his Wheels of Zeus (WoZ) company, a GPS-chip based tracking system for children, pets, and other things that tend to go missing. Totally opt in, I’m sure, so no need to worry about Big Brother. Woz, as I understand it, was quite a stoner back in the day. The Times article I was reading, though, mentioned his Hummer parked outside his Silicon Valley startup. Made me want to retch. Even a bzillionnaire hardware genius legend needs a huge car to make his wee-wee ego feel big? Bah
Oh, and I posted this with the new QuickPost bookmarklet, which I think will lead to me posting more often. I’ll try to link to more other TypePad blogs using it whenever I read something interesting.
* NY Times link, username / password required (use mediajunkie / mediajunkie if you don’t have an account or don’t feel like setting one up).