Administrivial housekeeping

Governor Cashmore’s Diary, a thinly veiled roman á clef by the president’s brother, ceased publishing back in November, so I have removed it from my subscription list.
The Raven is on hiatus and for now I am keeping that subscription alive in case he returns.
Pesky the Rat moved a while back to a custom domain and I never updated the feed address (and, I assume, there was no redirect notice). I have unsubscribed from now-moribund Salon blogs-based feed and have resubscribed at the new, correct feed address.
I am now activating those feeds with my Radio multi-author tool so that they will be reposted automatically to
The only subscribed feeds I don’t republish are the Atom wiki recent changes page (which is pretty boring), and my LiveJournal friends’ recent entries, which don’t really bear widespread indiscriminate reposting.
I imagine I should move the Mediajunkie feeds page over to its own subaddress at some point, so that I can reshape the main MJ page with something more interesting, but this will do for now.
I did recently get some subdomains set up, so you can reach the old Bite Media page via a custom URL, After moving the old Bite Media archive to my new Art of the Possible weblog, I think I will reimport it into a new MT version of itself, rechristened Bite Media Review and used to specifically bite off chunks of mainstream media, chew them up, and regurgitate the results. Along the way, I’ll clear the nonpolitical posts out of the AotP blog archives and leave the rest in Bite Media for posterity. Eventually AotP should get its own custom URL too,
What else? artsflow, the Enterzone weblog, has a new shorter URL: but still the same lousy generic design. Someone make me a logo that takes advantage of the way those lowercase letters flow together so well! This is beyond Lazy Web. We’re talking Lazy Ass here.
There’s another subdomain set up at for the long awaited (by whom?) second coming of Enterzone, under a new publication name. No point in giving out that address now since it currently points to a forbidden page.






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  1. I Love Everything Avatar

    Ballerinas – what are they good for?

    Millar wrote:
    The second link on this list is a salon blog that includes the text
    superstars azuremariposa real live preacher kitty bukake reverse cowgirl radio free …

  2. Susan Avatar

    Sorry about not putting up a redirect–I’ve been trying to edit the old Salon instance of Pesky, but so far haven’t figured it out. I can assure you that industrious hamsters are continuing to work on the problem.