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Over at BuzzMachine, I just noticed, Jeff Jarvis is linking to some blogs from Africa:

Africa blogs: Since I’m a blog internationalist, often linking to Iranian, Iraqi, and German blogs, a reporter emailed me this morning asking whether there were blogs from (or about) Africa. I follow a few and I followed the links on them and in no time, I had quite a list: AfricaBlog, AfricaPundit, Mostly Africa, Ethiopia Express, A Taste of Africa, Swamp Cottage, Letters, AfricaBlog, Head Heeb, Mr. Dutton Goes to Mozambique, and there are more where those came from. Is there a country where there aren’t blogs? I doubt it.

And by the way, isn’t that a smart reporter looking to weblogs to find new news, information, voices and viewpoints? [BuzzMachine]






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  1. Akwe Amosu Avatar
    Akwe Amosu

    Hi, in case you don’t already know it, posts a catalog of African blogs/blogs about Africa – you can view it at I reckon there are nearly 100 on the list and we know of others that haven’t signed up.

  2. Karen Avatar

    Hi there,
    I just posted the same message on Hblog, but here’s a repeat:
    I study journalism in Stellenbosch, and I’m writing my final thesis about blogging in Africa.
    A few questions:
    Are there any African newspapers blogging except for Mail&Guardian?
    Are there enough African bloggers out there to promote web-based pan-Africanism, and can blogging economically empower Africa?
    What are the benefits and pitfalls of blogging from Africa?
    How do you promote blogging on the continent, and why is it important for Africans to blog???
    Pepper me with your comments!
    Thanks # K