Comment spam daily

Does any one have any idea why someone would post a random comment on this blog featuring a link to Who would that benefit? It makes no sense to me. Once again, though, I feel compelled to acknowledge that Jay Allen’s MT-blacklist rocks.






6 responses to “Comment spam daily”

  1. filchyboy Avatar

    ‘Comment Spam Daily’ sounds like a great name for a post modern newspaper. (or perhaps a blog!)

  2. Philip Avatar

    Since I took steps I went from 5 comment spams to NONE…. Jay Allen rocks!

  3. Jay Allen Avatar

    Err, thankyew, thankyew…..

  4. MT-Blacklist/Comment Spam Clearinghouse Avatar spam links

    A few avid bloggers and MT-Blacklist plugin users have noticed a new trend today: the comment spamming of I’ve got my theories… Would love to hear yours. In the meantime, MT-Blacklist users may want to throw into your…

  5. The One True b!X Avatar

    I’m presuming that FDA comment, of which I’ve received two, is either (1) someone just checking to see if we’d notice the “nice site!” type of comment and reflexively add the URL to our blacklists, or someone with some odd beef against the FDA who actually believes getting the URL blacklisted in weblog comments will somehow advance their bizarre cause.

  6. Scot Hacker Avatar

    The FDA was a weird one. Todays’ anomaly is, which links to a paint site, of all things. I’ve both blacklisted and IP banned it; these have prevented comments actually getting posted, but I have gotten literally 400 emails today announcing the “newly posted comment.” And they’re all timestamped at 10:43 am. Not at all sure why this one seems to be in a loop, though Jay’s tool does seem to be keeping it off the public site anyway.