An erudite law blogger

I stumbled across an incredibly well written and thoughtful weblog lately, called unbillable hours. The author (TPB, Esq.) includes a long and entertaining biography that gives you a good idea of his education, cultural influences, and experiences – all of which inform his writing, which ranges from silly to serious.
(His takedown of Kim du Toit’s pathetic whimpering lament to his absent masculinity is not to be missed.)
From unbillable hours I found my way to a law metablog, or metablawg, or something like that: a weblog that discusses the nature of law-related weblogs, asking in its inaugural post whether there’s a meaningful difference between legal blogs and regular blogs.
Be sure to check out TPB’s blog if you’re interested in law, philosophy, or good writing in general.






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  1. TPB, Esq. Avatar

    Thanks for the link, Christian. I appreciate the kind words.