Shelley to the rescue

Looks like Shelley Powers has addressed the exact trackback-ping-not-rebuilding-the-archive-page and thus not-showing-up-inline-automatically problem I was just noticing: Weblogging for Poets: Adding Trackback entries to individual archive pages
BTW, we’d better get password protection going here soon, or make a conscious decision to leave this site visible to random visitors, because Andrew lists it among his RSS subscriptions and I am profligately pinging Burningbird’s Weblogging for Poets entry with this post.
Speaking of which, thank goodness for our metablogging headlines on the RFB home page. It enables me to quickly scan a few of the leading metabloggers and is often the first place I notice a breaking blog story.






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  1. Andrew Bayer Avatar

    Oops. I’ll hack my script to not show it any more. =)