New York, just like I pictured it

So kiss me and cry for me, I’m leaving on a jetblue plane today, flying from OAK to JFK, getting it late tonight east-coast time.
Announcing my travel plans in my blog worked like a charm. People got in touch. I have plans. Usually I get into town and then find out that everyone is in the Hamptons or in Cabo or wherever these rich New Yorkers who used to be stoners go.
Hey, and it looks like I may get to meet Paul Ford, one of my personal heroes. w00t!
Eat your heart out, Gwen! I’m just keeding!

Note to self: Don’t forget to look for a < $20 nonplastic (ceramic or metal) Chrysler bldg. and/or Empire State bldg.
I’ll be in town for a week. Greg S., did we pick a time yet? I’ll still have email, cellphone, etc. in town, thanks to my parents’ Roadrunner cable modem (meep meep). Anyone else, give me a ring if you want to see if we can still squeeze something in.
Otherwise, there’s always next time, or maybe bothering to come out to California some time, huh?
I told B to start reading my weblog so I guess I may keep blogging while in NY. Photoblogging would be the fun way to go. I should make a category just for B, but then creepy voyeurs would watch. Or I could password-protect it and label it “B only – keep out!” so no one would complain when challenged for a password. Or just go back to using LiveJournal for sterile modern pseudopersonal electronic mediated interaction with my significant other [to be read by Stephen Hawking’s vocoder].
Anyone who thinks cats can’t speak should have seen the Fraidy just made me open the front door to let her out because she’s too lazy to walk down the back steps to the open back door.
What I’ll be missing: [somewhere in san francisco, on a backporch in july]






2 responses to “New York, just like I pictured it”

  1. Greg Severance Avatar

    We haven’t picked a time yet. I’ll be out of town from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. Maybe a fun thing to do would be to catch Cecil Taylor at the Knitting Factory on Sunday night (see Village Voice Shortlist). He’s playing two shows at 8 and 10. I should be able to make the 10 oclock.

  2. Levi Avatar

    Hey X! Are we still on for Monday … call me or email or something …