Fixing up the abandoned storefront

A large amount of my traffic still comes to my old address ( due to bookmarks, blogrolls, and the like. I don’t mind links directly to old posts, since they are maintained at both locations, but links to the old home page take someone to a page that hasn’t been updated since October. Not cool!
But since I moved to my own site (, I lost the ability to upstream (to use the Radio parlance) back to my old location.
Now, as an experiment, I’ve set up a new category, for now called 0001111, and have tried to configure the #upstream.xml file so that its output will show up there. If that works, then I’ll have opened a backdoor to my old abandoned storefront and can then fiddle with the templates to turn it into more of a catch-all signpost to recent entries and other items of note.
I’m not sure if it will show up as a subcategory at the old address or at the root of the old address. We’ll see.
As a first step, I am crossposting this entry to the new category to see if I set up the upstreaming OK.
UPDATE: I am re-posting this 12:24PM on Wednesday, January 22, to force a re-upstreaming to the RCS. The quintessence of administrivia.
I kind of like the typo I just fixed (“I’m not sure if it wills how up…”). Freudian typos, you gotta love ’em.