Redesigning salonika (second try)

Right after I added the RSSboxes to the home page design template for the salonika category of this blog, I changed the tagline for that category (got tired of the profanity) and in so doing accidentally reinstated the generic Salon blogs design, wiping out all my careful customization.
That was Thursday, I think. I finally just now got around to reinstating the RSSboxes (and the Salon Blogs blogroll) that got munged last time around. There is still a problem with variable widths caused by images of varying widths. I’ve asked at Radio Userland’s discussion boards and have been pointed in the direction of learning how to parse and display the RSS feeds with more fine-grained control over the display but it will take me a while to digest and then put into practice what I’ve been told (and even longer to explain it once I do, I’m sure).
In the meantime, this will have to do. Any Salon bloggers who’d like their feed to be added to this page, either for their home page or for a special Salon blogs-related category, just drop me a line and I’ll set it up.