Game over?

The latest rumor is that Gore is about to endorse Dean.
If true, that looks to me like a massive signal to fall into line to the rest of the faithful. The dirty little secret of this campaign is that if any of the nine candidates were to gain the nomination the Democratic voter base would have supported that candidate, from Sharpton to Lieberman. That’s how badly we want to win this time.
There’s a lot of smug condescension coming from the right right now about the Democrats making a mistake by going for Dean, but I think they are overlooking a new alliance determined to rollback this fringe element that has control of the Republican party and our government. governing class.
It’s the constituents of this loose alliance that worry me more. Only if the Democrats fail to unite, if the pillars of the party withold support from their nominee in order to prove right all the self-fulfilling prophecies of doom, gloom, and conventional-wisdom cocktail party handicapping, only if that happens do the Dems have no chance of winning.
Now, just think how people will react when Clinton is out there stumping for Dean (or, Clark, or whomever)?






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    President Gore Endorses Dean

    I just returned from dinner with friends and find that the AP says Gore will endorse Dean tomorrow, in Iowa: “What this says is that all these Washington insiders who have been gnashing their teeth, wringing their hands and clinging