'I get it' meme update

We’ve recently started an independent blog conference on the Well, and Salon blogger Bruce Umbaugh reminded me of a klog-related epiphany I wrote about in an entry back in August called I get it.
At time I asked people to link to it as “xian gets it” but while I was correcting the permalink and a few other links in the article (I left the slightly sloppy draft as is), this time I changed the text to request that anyone linking to the article use the entry’s actual title, “I get it.” This seems like a much more interesting and valuable phrase to relate to (I imagine the people searching for “I get it” would be an interesting demographic to be reaching) than some arbitrary assertion about me, with my negative Q rating and all.
Having changed the entry and added an update note at the end, I figured I out to seed the new link. Today Google, tomorrow the world!