Memory transplants

Well, I bit the bullet, installed some perl modules and migrated over the entries in my LiveJournal, bodega, from January through October of 2002 (and a single entry from June of this year) to this X-POLLEN weblog.
I’ve been doing a bunch of migrations moving other sites from Radio to Movable Type and from Blogger to Movable Type. This one relied heavily on advice from Amanita.
When I hit the one year mark over at Radio Free Blogistan I added the MTOnThisDate plugin and started showing entries from the previous (or next) year on main and archive pages at RFB. I may do the same thing here. I intend to keep drilling back and adding old journal pages to this one repository.
Next is the couple-three entries done at Shallows using Blogger. That will be easy. Then I need to extract the Still Breathing entries from Diaryland, and finally, I’ll have to manually convert the handcoded pages of Breathing Room. That will take me back to 1997. The only earlier weblog-like thing I did was a crisis journal called “The Daily Barbie” that is more properly part of Enterzone and not the kind of personal blog/diary represented by those other sites and this one.





2 responses to “Memory transplants”

  1. Meredith Avatar

    Ah, I’m glad you were able to do the conversion successfully on your own. Way to go!

  2. Radio Free Blogistan Avatar

    Migrating from LiveJournal to Movable Type

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