Movable Type growing pains

Scot Hacker reports some scaling problems with Movable Type. He’s noticed that his server is taking longer and longer to rebuild after each new post or comment. The comment problem leads to people double- or triple-posting in frustration.
Thus far he’s found an unorthodox solution, but he’s mainly hoping that the speed/efficiency problems are solved in the long-anticipated release of MT Pro.
I had been planning to make more use of template modules, and I’m not quite sure from Scot’s writeup whether they were part of the problem or not.






One response to “Movable Type growing pains”

  1. Scot Hacker Avatar

    Some very knowledgeable people in the MT support forums have suggested that template module could indeed slow things down, but in my testing, I got hardly any boost by replacing them with PHP includes. I got the biggest boost from removing all the MTArchive tags. It’s a bummer to sacrifice that functionality, but worth it, I thought.