Al Franken kinda blogs

Visiting the DNC, Franken apparently dictated an entry for the Kicking Ass weblog.
I’d read a real Al Franken weblog, if he had the time to write it. Hell, Bill Maher and Margaret Cho do.






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  1. Dems are Liars Avatar
    Dems are Liars

    “The Democrats Have Made Lying Their Norm”
    Posted by Gordon Bloyer
    A Democrat claims that the economy is the worst since Herbert Hoover. No reporter says to that Democrat, ”That’s not true.” Why?
    Reporters today have no background in history and they do no research. They seem to think when a Democrat says something it is an opinion, or just a point of view. It never crosses their mind that the Democrat is lying.
    The Democrats running for president get away with saying that the president lied about the war, that we are in a recession, that unemployment is out of control, that we have the largest budget deficit in history, that budgets for safety-net programs have been cut, and that the election in 2000 was stolen. None of these statements are true–not even close–but reporters just let them slide.
    Senator Joe Biden (D), Senator Joe Lieberman (D) and Senator Evan Bayh (D) have all said on national television that the president did NOT lie about the war. Why don

  2. Brian Wilder Avatar
    Brian Wilder

    It never crosses your mind, if you have one, that you are presenting misinformation. Selecting two of your “lies” for correction:
    The recession officially began in March 2001, not during the Clinton years.
    The newspaper consortium recount of the Florida 2000 ballots used various criteria. The recount, using the broadest criteria, made Gore the winner.

  3. Michael Greer Avatar
    Michael Greer

    I voted for Bush in 2000 hoping to set back Roe v.Wade. I still oppose abortion. But my gripe now is with Bush the warmonger. In principle I judge a politician not on taxes, or employment, or security, but respect for human life. Bush clearly doesn’t respect human life: he is willing to allow thousands of Iraqis to die in order to promote his personal political agenda. The question now is how to get rid of Bush. Franken can help but he has problems as a speaker. It is to those issues I now blog:
    The canons of rhetoric are five: invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery.
    Does Franken develop original arguments supporting liberal causes? I think he fails this test. His guests are more successful at that. This is a good reason to listen to his program; the guests are usually more talented than he is.
    Are his arguments highly organized? No, I don’t think so. He is primarily negative, going after Republicans and only in the most general sense promoting a liberal agenda. That agenda is left for the audience to tease out.
    Style. Almost unforgiveable. The other day I’m listening and he spends ten or twenty minutes talking about the famous quote from Kennedy about Jefferson having all the talent of ten Nobel Prize winners, even as he dined alone. So he’s caught trying to be “in” and explain to those of us who are “out” of the loop.
    Memory. This is his stong point. He can go back over the year/s and give some explanation of his views and how consistent he is and how others aren’t. Bravo!
    Delivery. He stinks. He may be able to write, but he isn’t really able to provide persuasive discouse in the form of oral argument.
    We need a more talented radio personalities.
    M G Greer
    Los Angeles

  4. pachy weed Avatar
    pachy weed

    Thank heaven for Al and AirAmerica radio which I hear over the net from KPOG, Portland, Oregon (THANK YOU!!). The area where I live is a Republican right wing bastion, so Al makes it feel a little less lonely. What is so heartening about the O’Franken Factor show is Al’s sense of humor – so reassuring in these awful times.
    As an aging grandmother, I truly fear for our country and feel this election is the most important in our history.

  5. art kirsch Avatar
    art kirsch

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  6. art kirsch Avatar
    art kirsch

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