My new book project

Today, my publisher approved a book I’m going to write between now and next March tentatively to be called The Power of Many with a subtitle of something like How Craigslist, Howard Dean, and are changing the ways we connect.
As with my canceled blog book, I am hoping to do this book in a bloggy way, tracking links in a blog, inviting others to comment, kibitz, and contribute, and networking like hell when the book is closer to comnig out. It should come out in June or July, timed to when the election is heating up.
I’m pretty excited about this project, as it is a chance for me to progress as a writer from teh tech-documentation ghetto I’ve been laboring in for a decade to more narrative style nonfiction. In the meantime, between the book and the campaign I will probably ease back even further posting to RFB, except as a way to let steam escape.
I did change the Collaboration and Community category recently to “people to people” and I may occasionally blog related stuff there, particularly when it connects to blogging and social software, as some of my book will inevitably do.
I’ve also started a new blog for the book itself (The Power of Many that will have to remain password-protected until the book is listed in Books-in-Print, in early February). You are all welcome to read it. The username is book and the password is sesame.
If any of you guys would like to have posting rights to the blog (post relevant links, or just ideas), just let me know. I suspect Rayne might and I bet filchyboy will be an excellent resource for the dating chapter! (The book isn’t just about politics and democracy and Dean.)






3 responses to “My new book project”

  1. filchyboy Avatar

    I suspect I’ll be posting again and picking up my projects, specifically the dating stuff, starting around the latter part of the first week of January.
    I’d love to post some stuff as I go related to the dating project. It is looking very cool and I have found an engineer to help me build out the back end so it looks as though it is leaving vapor ware and becoming a little more substantial.
    Stay tuned.
    Congrats on your move out of the ghetto!!!

  2. liza Avatar

    I’d at least comment on it. Mark & I are working on an open source project & i’m working at setting up blogs for artists and culturecrits at culturekitchen. When it comes to metawebbing the net art world, i’m a woman with a mission. that’s why the RSS list is of interest to me. i’m evangelizing about it at rhizome, thingist and nettime.

  3. xian Avatar

    cool. there may be a chapter on art-related communities. i have to check. shit, i have a chapter due Tuesday!