Redirecting my old RSS feed

There’s no way to force people who have blogrolled my old address update their links. I can only assume that they haven’t checked back much since their initial burst of inclusion, or if they have that they think I stopped blogging sometime last October.
Then there are those who subscribed to my old RSS feed and never updated it. In my first hasty move I learned too late how to redirect an RSS feed. By then I had already locked myself out of the Salon-hosted server. However, since then I have reopened a back door to my old address and assigned it a category in my current blog. This means that I can (I think) now replace the old RSS file with an XML-level redirect.
As far as I can tell, this requires manually supplying a new RSS file for my 0001111 category instead of permitting Radio to generate one automatically. I’ll be trying that today. It’s not clear yet that all RSS aggregators will understand the redirect. Radio does (naturally), and NetNewsWire does as well. Consider this an experiment.



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