RFB hax0red

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[screenshot of hacked RFB]
Having a nice day mostly off-line, thinking about maybe uploading some more cloud pictures or posting something about David Brooks mentioning Salam Pax’s blog on the McLehrer report on Friday, when I check my mail and see that Scott Rosenberg and my cousin, A.P. Crumlish, both tipping me off to the fact that Radio Free Blogistan has been hacked.
Fortunately, nothing was replaced but my index page, although any changing of my content makes me nervous and I’d like to find the hole and patch it quick. None of the other sites hosted by my same server seem to be affected.
The perpetrators call themselves Arab VieruZ and also Saudi Devilz Team. It’s a no-war message that awaits our “soldiers bloods.” Scott wondered if perhaps I’m “engaged in an extremely elaborate joke of some kind” but no, I’m definitely a bystander on this one.
So, was it just me or have other sites been hacked by these kidz?
UPDATE: …so, now I’m really mad. Those fuckers (fuckerz?) have made me late for PornOrchestra!