Testing a direct ping of the Salon community server

After talking to filchyboy today I think I understand how to notify the Salon community server that I’ve updated this blog. Even though I’m not using Radio anymore, since my Radio license is still current and I still feel like a member of the community, I assume this is kosher. Let’s see if it works.






2 responses to “Testing a direct ping of the Salon community server”

  1. Philip Avatar

    Looks like you figured it out. According to Scott there is no policy blocking pinging the Salon RCS server (I asked explaining my feelings about Radio software and circumstances). Of course it helps to be a Premium member and eases the conscience of not sending your fourty bucks to RadioUserland. I don’t use their bandwidth or their software, I just want to be part of the Salon Blog community and will gladly pay a price for the privilige. They just have to come up with a price above and beyond my Charter Premium subscription.

  2. Yan Avatar

    Hi, this is Yan from Glutter, I can no longer update Glutter so I have moved it. I was wondering if you can tell me how to ping Salon with my new typepad site?