This post kills fascists

reprinted from memewatch:

Over at RasterWeb, I saw a tagline, “this website kills fascists,” and it reminded me of how Levi Asher put “this website kills fascists on one of his early sites, possibly Queensboro Ballads. So I did a little simple memetracking at Google. A basic search on “kills fascists” yielded a page full of links to the original Woody Guthrie reference (the sticker, I think it was, that read “this machine kills fascists” that he had stuck on his guitar).
So then I did a search to skip the machine results (+this “kills fascists” -machine). That brought up a lot of results related to a site called This Pirate Kills Fascists and to the phrase “this computer kills fascists.” A search to skip those (+this “kills fascists” -machine -computer -pirate) came up with a more varied set of results, including:

Other things that kills fascists: this radio; this poem; this mix tape; this music; I also heard she; this amp; this comic; this CD; this grin; this sound; you don’t care about the whereabouts of a gun, as long as it; this Canuck.






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  1. Jack Mottram Avatar

    Variations on Woody’s slogan seems to be following me around at the moment – in the last week I’ve seen ‘This T-shirt Kills Apathy’ on the front of shirts worn by kids who, I’m guessing, don’t listen to a lot of 1930s country protest music, and a show featuring paintings mainly consisting of text: ‘This painting kills fascists’, ‘This work kills art’ etc. etc. None as witty and powerful as Mr. Guthrie’s original application…

  2. JackPad Avatar

    This Post (Also) Kills Fascists

    A post by Christian at Radio Free Blogistan, and subsequent email confab, identifying and tracking examples of the Woody Guthrie slogan meme made me wonder if Woody coined the phrase, or simply adopted it.Despite the fact that no one can