Disclosing blog sponsors

Now that Marc Canter is spearheading a kind of transparent blog-payola system for compensating bloggers, the issue of full disclosure of one’s sponsors and or influences seems all the more important.
For example, here is the disclosure about the ZeroDegrees sponsorship of the new Operating Manual for Social Tools weblog: About The Project:

ZeroDegrees has agreed to sponsor this site for the next four months to provide a forum for the discussion of rules and expectations for online social networks that will make social networks more useful while respecting the needs and privacy of their members. ZeroDegrees has agreed to exercise zero influence over the content of the discussions. The paid contributors are working for a fixed, non-renewable term. ZeroDegrees has further agreed that if the contributors feel ZeroDegrees has tried to influence them in any way, they can resign from the project but will still be paid.

As for me, no one pays me to write this weblog. Nor does anyone pay me (directly) to write The Power of Many, although you can think of that blog as being sponsored by my book of the same name. Finally, I am paid a retainer to contribute to the Personal Democracy Forum blog, a site for which I am formally a Contributing Editor. No one pays for any product placement, etc., anywhere that I write.
Further, it’s worth noting that from July to November this year I was a paid employee of Armstrong Zúniga, a political consulting firm run by Markos Moulitsas and Jerome Armstrong, proprietors of Daily Kos and MyDD respectively. We have parted ways amicably and I am still in a position to refer business or share leads with them, but there is no direct compensation passing between as at this time.
For the record, I am entirely willing to sell out personally, but will only blog about what I want to and will continue to be completely transparent about anyone with whom I have a business relationship.







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  1. The One True b!X Avatar

    This is why we need modern-day Medicis to be our patrons. Or maybe that’s just me that needs that.

  2. Doug Wiken Avatar

    You might be interested in this I suspect more documentation will be
    available if campaign finance reports show up. Daily Caucus mentions
    a magazine story in National Journal. I do not have access to that source. GOP comments at Daily Caucus indicate nothing behind that
    curtain…everybody knew it all along, etc..
    This is not a story of the best blogs, this is a story on the worst kind of blogs. Blogs paid to have an agenda without disclosing they are paid to be shills for a political pretty boy hack like John Thune who defeated Tom Daschle with backdoor smears via slop doors like the GOP-sponsored blogs.
    Dakota Today–$35,000 payments to Bloggers
    Blog where I found the information to start with.
    Daily Caucus Blog
    One of the bloggers paid by Thune.
    Daschle V. Thune Blog. This blog was run by a Jon Laucks who indicates he will now be shutting this blog down and moving to one titled “South Dakota Poltics”.