Jimmy Carter is blogging from Africa

The Carter Center’s website is publishing journal or weblog-style reports by Jimmy Carter from the field. He is currently in Africa. It’s not blogging in the sense that it’s not automatica and direct and easy, but their using the terminology themselves, so I think that counts.
First ex-Presidential blogger?






2 responses to “Jimmy Carter is blogging from Africa”

  1. Rayne Avatar

    Automatica, schmatica. Makes no matter to me. Carter’s content is some of the most profoundly moving, powerful stuff out there, anywhere. Hands down it wins me over in spite of its lack of immediacy. Students of blogging take careful note of this point; immediacy is worthless if it communicates nothing of value. Carter’s stuff is intense and invaluable, in spite of the arm’s length quality of the posting.

  2. Jim Avatar

    Regardless of the media, Carter’s works are crap.