Standing on the verge of nonprofit blogging

· Weblog Concepts

One of the more popular (commented-on, linked-to) posts here in the last year or so was my somewhat sketchy Weblog strategies for nonprofits entry. At some point I was talking to CompuMentor about some kind of panel discussion on the subject in SF but I haven’t heard anything about it lately and I’ve been kind of busy with the campaign and writing my book anyway. There’s a chapter on nonprofits in the book, though, so I haven’t wandered too far away from this subject yet.
I just noticed my editor posted a link to an article called What’s a Blog, and Why Should Nonprofits Care? in the Nonprofit Quartery (NPQ).
Everywhere I look people are trying to build more interactivity and more personal voice into politics, activism, and nonprofit organizations, so now more than ever the time is ripe for some kind of do-gooder technorati-ish group to provide some kindling.