No to Reinstating the Draft!

Now the US Army is floating the idea of reinstating the draft. That is sooo typical of the Army. Sure they are concerned that the best prospects are going to the prestige services like the Marines and the Air Force. They should be concerned.
But how about stepping up to the challenge? How about making themselves a little more competitive? Take on those neat Flight Suits with something creative of their own. Isn’t that what Free Agency was supposed to be all about?






2 responses to “No to Reinstating the Draft!”

  1. Danielle Avatar

    I oppose reinstating the draft not because it will make the military more equally racial, but because it puts Americans lives’ on hold. As it says in the songs, …let freedom ring, we should be free to make our own choices, and they not be made for us.

  2. Taylor Avatar

    You fuckin idiots wouldnt even be here if there werent prior drafts, and if the “true” Americans with the “true” American spirit to fight for the freedom of the generations after them. Shut up, suck it up, get outta your cozy little cocoons and fight for your country’s freedom thats basically has been handed to you because of the hardasses that used to live here.