I’m actually pro-Kerry (despite the unpleasantness of him beating my candidate in the primaries), but this John Kerry is a Douchebag but I’m Voting for Him Anyway .com site is probably not too bad a way to reach out to the undecideds who aren’t wowed by his persona.
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  1. Neckfacee Jr. Avatar
    Neckfacee Jr.

    I am still undecided. The website didn’t help much.
    My POV: I don’t believe in ‘terrorists’ (just poor peeps tryin’ to make some war the best they know how), I know that complete security is an illusion, I think it’s okay to swear in front of kids, I resent being tracked and treated like a criminal and taking my clothes off in the airport, I don’t understand why we don’t spend most of our money on education, I want to see more sex on tv, I think playground equipment is too safe, and I am disgusted by Israel.
    Yes, yes, Bush is a war criminal, which is I guess as bad as you can get. Also, of course, the US is in a shambles. But what about MY issuses? Does Kerry support ONE of them? I really, really need someone left of center. Or just left of right.
    Kerry is a ghost. Like all the other democrats too scared to be liberals (I never got that. Doesn’t liberal mean flowing money and skinny dipping?) or possses conviction. He’s a vapor. Afraid his own shadow might pin him down. Not a leader.

  2. xian Avatar

    Think “little deuce coupe” …
    Kiss this Guy is one of the more famous sites by my pal Scot Hacker. If we ever outgrow my humble little server here he may end up as our virtual landlord. I’m currently starting to host some mailing lists there.