You know you're obsessed with blogging when

You lie about the size of your readership… in a dream.






5 responses to “You know you're obsessed with blogging when”

  1. Shirley Avatar

    I think this debate is a farse to say its fair is laughable its more like a dictatorship and the media will spin it in Bushs favour

  2. Rayne Avatar

    Is it that bad already?
    I’m at the “every time you begin to tell a close friend something, she says, Oh yeah, I already read that in your blog” stage.
    p.s. Weirdness in the Google ads because of “Christian”. Free Christian Music Downloads Now! Christian Worship Stations in Three Formats! All Christian, All The Time!
    Oh wait, that last one wasn’t a Google ad. Heh.

  3. scout Avatar

    check out this photo. It says it all….

  4. Camilo Avatar

    So that is how you make it! Mmmm! Would that qualify as a wet dream?
    Anyway, I am going to get your book – but I want it *signed* :)