Desperate times

OK, so horrific earthquake in Kashmir. Delay, Miers, Libby, Rove, all that. Wilma’s kinda fierce. Deficit’s growing. Continued Katrina fallout. Inflation mebbe. Gas prices. You know what I’m talking about here, right? I’m talking about news. There’s lotsa news. Like, big stories. Everywhere.
And what are the good folks over at Fox focused on? Well the 24/7 section over on features the top stories from their top programs. And that’s right, on October 21st, John Gibson is waaaaaay out on the front line, fighting the good fight against…..
The War on Christmas.
That’s right, it’s the war on the war on Christmas. Beating back all the Christmas haters out there. And they are legion. He’s on (his phrase) “Christmas Patrol.” In October. In October. And that’s “The Big Story.”
And I get that he’s got a book he’s selling here. But still. All I can think of to say is:
Oh come on now.



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2 responses to “Desperate times”

  1. Bill Avatar

    Well, why would conservatives want to cover any of the actual news? It’s all bad news for them.