Alternate Reality #666

Pertaining to nothing, ran into an article talking about the use of “666” in the marketing for The Omen remake, and it featured the following quote:

“Normally, a marketer is going to be very, very wary about using the devil,” said Robert Thompson, professor of television at Syracuse University in New York state.
“But 666 has really emerged in the popular culture as a funny thing you bring up when you’re talking about a kid misbehaving on the playground, you say ‘I bet this one has a 666 on his scalp’,” he said.

And I’ll grant that 666 is a very funny funny thing to bring up, in almost any situation. But that scalp comment — is that really a thing people say?
Adult 1: “Let me part that kid’s hair — I gotta check. He’s a 666-on-his-scalp kind of a kid. Yes, his head-skin almost certainly bears the mark of satan!”
Adult 2: “Ha ha ha! You are so right. About his scalp and its devil-mark!”
Adult 1: “Let’s go burn a goat!”
I dunno.
Mebbe it’s an east coast thing.




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  1. caden Avatar

    666 is the devils play mark