Beastblog dormant since November

I know what it’s like trying to get people to contribute to a group blog when it’s not their only bloggish outlet. They tend to forget about it, lose their passwords, stop coming by. It’s hard to establish a foreign-blogging habit. So I’m not entirely surprised that even though I believe a fair number of really good East Bay bloggers have access to Beast Blog, the poor thing has had no new posts since November of last year.
I keep asking Peter Merholz to give me a login, but no such luck. Then again I’d probably become a slacker too after a burst of enthusiasm. I failed to take advantage of posting access to CultureKitchen (before it moved to Civicspace) and Greater Democracy, and Micah Sifry has to guilt me every once in a while into posting to my blog at Personal Democracy. I’m no doubt even forgetting other sites I have technical access to.
Still, I don’t have a real local Oakland / East Bay theme on any of my blogs, and there are times when I’d like to post local news or happenings to BeastBlog.






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  1. sean mclaughlin Avatar
    sean mclaughlin

    Here’s a thought I hope someone can use:
    “The U.S. is a died-again christian
    Let it rise again at the third election”