Farewell to Typepad

Typepad is cool. I beta-tested it, I’ve been a member since 2003. But I don’t really need it. I host my own MT blogs and there’s WordPress and so on. The blogs I set up on TP to test it suffer from neglect. Recently I was reminded of TP and went to log in only to learn that my account was in arrears. I paid for another month, but now I’m exporting the contents of my three blogs over there and will import them into two blogs over here.
The technical blog I set up over there, “Stealing Sheep,” will be imported into RFB, as it mostly consists of posts about Typepad and a few about FOAF and RDF.
The music blog, “Layer of Meta,” will become a category of wake up!, personal, journal-type weblog.
The photoblog, “Mr. Spontaneous,” will be folded into the “seen” category of the aforementioned wake up!
That is all.