the golden grate

Talk about diversity…here in the golden state we’ve managed to reach new heights of mixedness, all-over-the-mapness, and plain ol’ voter confusion as the results of the Caulifornia mid-term and governatorious elections illuminate the collective mind of the Left Coasters. We voted for a Republican Hollywood muscleman who lifted himself out of the political toilet by hiring Democratic advisors and putting a “bread and circuses” bond initiative on the ballot. We voted for the bread, circuses and $50+ billion in bond indebitness while rejecting modest tax increases to pay for schools, health care, and road repair. We almost voted to tax ourselves hugely by demanding that the state pay for any land taken by eminent domain – but wised up at the last minute. We booted a Stetson-wearing environment-bashing Republican Rep, Pombo, and replaced him with an alternative energy geek Democrat, McNerney, but then turned around and rejected an alternative-energy research support bond and an environmental tax on Big Oil. We just barely rejected a requirement for young women to get parental permission for an abortion – while we become the first state to be represented by the first female Speaker of the House in US history. We are the first state to ban smoking in all public places but can’t bring ourselves to slap a health tax on the Tobacco Industry (could we have gotten it mixed up the “The Death Tax”?). Oh, and we rejected the most promising method of campaign reform ever – public campaign financing provided by a 2 cent tax on corporations. I guess we’d rather let the Indian Gaming Industry pay for elections….
we gotta love us.



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