Nevelson revisited

[crumlish siblings in front of nevelson sculpture (link to larger image)]
After I posted about that Louise Nevelson exhibit at the de Young museum and seeing the model for the sculpture near my parents’ apartment at 92nd and Park Ave in New York, my sister scanned and emailed me a photo of the four of us siblings posing in front of the sculpture, circa 1974.
(The image above links to a much larger version, not quite as cropped.)
From left to right, handlewise, that’s xifer, moo, xourmas, and xian. I’m making a muscle and entertaining xourmas. moo is, I believe, pretending to smoke a cigarette and not making a vulgar British gesture. xifer is looking stylish in her coat.
Yes, we really dressed that mod back then.






6 responses to “Nevelson revisited”

  1. Austin Govella Avatar

    That’s an awesome picture. Take the clothes, add the nicknames, and you have one of those new-fangled 80s electro-punk revival bands from New York!

  2. xifer Avatar

    Pic taken by our cousin who was enrolled at NYU’s film school at the time. I believe she recognized the sculpture and was going for something artistic.

  3. Uncle T Avatar
    Uncle T

    I think I remember seeing this photo. Was it used in a Christmas card?

  4. B. Zimbra Avatar
    B. Zimbra

    What a cool bunch of kids. Were you the drummer, X?

  5. xian Avatar

    Lead sitar!
    (I assume you are related to I. Zimbra?)

  6. B. Zimbra Avatar
    B. Zimbra

    Isn’t everything related to everything else?