Seaside Jazz Fest 2007

Seaside Jazz Fest 2007

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B’s brother Andy took this really nice picture of my sweetie and me. We spent Sunday down in Seaside (right next door to Monterey). Good food, great people, fantastic music (with a rotating cast of players), not too many speeches, birthday wishes to B’s sister Peg, anniversary memories of B’s mom, cold weather, no sunburn, fine beverages, did I mention the good food?
UPDATE: Andy’s photo above links to all of his photos from the party at Flickr. You can also see B’s photos from the same event there.






3 responses to “Seaside Jazz Fest 2007”

  1. xifer Avatar

    Great pix-you can use it for your Sunday NY Times annoucement, right?

  2. G. Severance Avatar

    Good to see both of you alive and well in a town where I spent a bunch of time back in 1985-1986. Getting in trouble with the Uniform Code of Military Justice etc. Fort Ord used to be there and some friends of mine rented a house for a season that could be described as an LSD den/cocaine commune.

  3. briggs Avatar

    someone at the BBQ commented that the SF Chronicle once gave away free lots in Seaside for subscribing to the paper. Now, of course, you can’t get in for the price of a Lamborghini.