Talk back to presenters with Ted Nadeau's patented* Reaction Deck 1.0

At South by Southwest, Ted Nadeau and I led a “core conversation” on the topic of reputation, identity, and presence. Ted is great at questioning basic assumptions and had this idea of handing out placards an audience of participants could use to signal their reactions to what was being said to them.
We imagine double-sided signs on sticks to hold up, sort of like the Roadrunner does, but we settled for handing out cut paper. We’re still working on the mechanics of this, *and the whole thing is Creative Commons licensed, derivs-allowed, attrib-required, I think (it’s in the fine print), but even now at version 1.0 of this Reaction Deck, I think Ted’s really onto something:




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  1. Beth Kanter Avatar

    I’m working on a curriculum for a twitter workshop and looking for some “offline” exercises to emmulate what happens with twitter online. This could work for “Twitter” as the back channel during a live conference. Just brainstorming. Anyway, did you have a reflection on how you actually used this exercise and what worked?