How to criticize Obama as a terrible negotiator

If Obama’s opening position is too close to the expected split-the-difference middle, point out that he is caving and that the deal will be too far to the right.

If Obama’s opening position is much further to the left (including, say, a public option or a permanent solution to the debt-ceiling b.s.), say that he caved and sold us out when he gives in on that sweetener to get to a deal.

Voila, either way, he sucks!






6 responses to “How to criticize Obama as a terrible negotiator”

  1. Right/Left = Impulse/Thoughtfulness Avatar
    Right/Left = Impulse/Thoughtfulness

    How to Apologize for Obama:

    1) Invent a strawman situation where Obama _might_ have done something liberal (like push for a public option, which he didn’t and evidence was overwhelming that he sought to gut it from the outset).

    2) Claim that #1 was impossible because, well: ?!, it’s the underpants gnome theory of political reasoning.

    3) Claim any Obama critics didn’t understand the (?!) part of #2 and failed to imagine the fantasy of #1.

    Rinse, repeat.

    1. xian Avatar

      cute, but doesn’t really follow. never said anything was “impossible.” what I wrote was dead simple. your reply is ultra-convoluted and — I think — a bit lazy.